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Waypoint High 2016 Yearbook Illustrations

I was commissioned alongside a handful of other artists to illustrate some fanfic, articles, and other bits of writing for Waypoint's Yearbook recap of this year's games. It was a SUPER fun project and I'm so so so happy about all the fanfic I got to illustrate!

You can find links to them here:

The Coven:
Last Song for Salter and Rhodes:
Overwatch Dogs Save the Prom:

Thank you to AM Cosmos, Robert Rath, and Arden Ripley for their stories and huge thank you to Austin Walker for reaching out to me to do these in the first place. <3

Erica june lahaie 1

The Coven

Erica june lahaie 3

Last Song for Salter and Rhodes

Erica june lahaie 2

Overwatch Dogs Save the Prom